with open hearts

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We have been in a period of contemplation of everything that went before; the deep concerns towards how we perceive our time here on this beautiful planet.
The development of an ever increasing awareness of the potentials for unlimited joy and happiness even as we collectively follow events around us and adjust
to the reality of chaos.

Our collective consciousness, at least the blending of these two persons creative endeavors, is organized to revisit the jubilation of the kirtan form of musical experience once again.
In the past, we had been influenced by the daily teachings and correspondence of several prominenet saduus, gurus and yoginis, practicing meditation in many forms
as well as bahkti yoga.

In the future, which is now, we are waiting for the moment and staying with the vibration of the exquisite realization that all is as it will be.
"Spanda  is a lovely recording of traditional Sanskrit mantras, set to original melodies in a seamless blend of East and West, ancient and modern. Tasteful instrumental offerings by sitar, tabla, harmonium, violin and bamboo flutes complement the spirit-infused voices of Rieah Masubuchi and Rick Borgia in this new recording that will bring joy and peace into your home and heart." 
- Robert Gass